Make Radio Fun Again


Bulletin…bulletin…we have a bulletin…Bulletin…bulletin…we have a bulletin…

I always say we’re not here for a long time – we’re here for a good time! And now you know why…

Our syndicated radio deal with Westwood One officially ends in early 2017. They decided not to renew and I completely agree with that decision. I truly believe this is the best move for all involved. It was only a matter of time, and there are no hard feelings.

When I was offered this shot at attempting to “change talk radio”, I couldn’t resist. However, I quickly realized talk radio is not ready to be “unhinged”.

Still, I don’t regret the risk. I met some good people at Westwood One, we picked up new listeners from across this great nation of Murica, and I realized what has always driven me in this business was missing: the spirit of JUST HAVIN’ FUN. It’s time for me to get back to that.

We plan to honor our agreement and continue on the air until it’s officially over – or until they literally pull the plug.

I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m as pumped as ever to create content for the people of earth.

Please do not tell my radio pals Buzz, Gino or Hectorrrrrr…. they will be scared.

I’m Jonathon Brandmeier and I approve this message.




118 thoughts on “Make Radio Fun Again

  1. You’re killing me JonnyB!!!! You have no idea what it means to me- back in the late 80s /early 90s I was a poor lad fresh from south of the border- a friend of mind told me -“wanna learn english? Stop listening to Spanish radio and switch to talk radio!” That’s when I started listening to you guys! At the begging was gibberish to me but slowly but surely started making sense!
    I was soooo glad when you went back on the air and now you’re leaving? But I understand… please please please keep us posted about your future plans and we’ll keep listening till the end! (I have all the podcasts saved in my email)
    We’re not here for a long time- we’re here for a good time!
    Peace out… bye for now.

    1. Hey man, I totally hear ya!, The radio business like so many others is really cut-throat…you could have a great show, but if the numbers don’t add up…that’s all folks!..Johnny is very resilient , he’ll land on his feet, I just hope it is in Chicago, we’re ALL PROUD TO CALL JOHNNY A CHICAGOAN . It is kind of surprising that these corporate radio people keep trying to expect different results with Johnny’s show, but don’t go to bat for him as far as advertising support (Billboards, commercials, newspaper, and internet adds). I truly believe Johnny’s show needs a good 2-3 years and lot’s of advertising, then he’ll get the numbers. Once a listener hears the show 1 time he/she will definitely come back, but if people don’t even know he’s on the air, how can management expect more success.
      ..a loving listener…
      homeless Steve

    2. You know what, Screw it!! Hey Johnny, keep doing your show, and we the listeners will support you via podcast prescription..everyone pays 5-10 bucks a month, and wala!!

  2. This saddens me. I’ve been a listener since the 80s. For the last few years listening to your podcasts while I drove my daughters to school has helped them become a fan of your antics. We will continue listening until the plug is pulled and then again when it is plugged back in.

  3. Moved from Chicago in 86, now living in Tampa bay area FL…was so glad to find your show again on our local AM… hope you find a way to continue with other sponsors.

  4. Not Again! I’ve listened to you from the first day in Chicago all those many years ago and awaited your return. Again I will faithfully await your return!

  5. I’m saddened to hear the news as I’ve looked forward to the podcast every day and had even gotten some of my friends to listen to. You guys crack me up! I hope your new gig will be on the podcast also so we can continue to listen.

  6. Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. How am I going to wake up in the morning without my hyper rooster? First I lost my Dad, then my husband exited the scene and now you. I knew 2016 was gonna suck. Well here’s to a better 2017 and I hope to be hearing you, Buzz, Hector and Gino over the airwaves again soon! Me love you long time!

    1. Me, too! I listen to the podcasts every night. Cannot imagine not having you and the gang making me laugh in the middle of the night.

  7. This sucks. I’ve been listening since day one in the 80’s. I listen to the podcast all day long. Hope you continue to keep going.

  8. Been listening since day one even on wybr in Rockford. Hopefully what ever you end up doing I’ll still be able to listen. Keep Rocking Johnny B

  9. Sooooooo…..are we all going to be broadcasting and listening from Mr. Movie Phone’s bathroom?? Hopefully you’re the one that owns the email list so we’ll be in the know of what’s next. I haven’t turned terrestrial radio on (any station) since your podcast has become available. Commercial free podcast subscriptions? I’m in!

  10. Johnny, I don’t if I can take this news on the same day Pete McMurray got whacked from The Drive!

    Just kidding…if I hear “Bargain” by The Who or anything by Journey one more time, I’M GONNA’ BLOW!

    Anyway, good luck, and I sure hope you surface again. Let us know if the podcast lives on. It’s THE BEST! You sure made my one-hour evening walks this summer full of laughter. NOBODY covered the election like you & Buzz (and Hector turning the knobs from his campsite)!

    P.S.–I’ve still got this on cassette somewhere in my basement!

    You really do look like the “Son of Saddam” on the cover! It’s now going for $40 new on vinyl…IS THAT A GOOD DEAL?

  11. They basically fd up your show from the get go. Too many dam commercials, stupid time slot. Hopefully you can move on to another Chicago station or sattelite station. Loved ya for over 30 yrs! #makeradiofunagain

  12. NOOOOOO!!!!! Me too, a listener since day one, and have been with you through all of the bumps in the road. Don’t know how I’ll manage without my daily laughs. But very cool of you JB to be so positive about this.

  13. Isn’t there a radio station honcho in Chicago that grew up listening to you and understands your value to the radio listening public? I can’t understand how some of these bland radio shows continue while shows like yours get dropped. Johnny, please do your best to find it in your heart to keep on the radio. You mean so much to many of us.

  14. JJB I have loved you and Buzz for as long as I can remember!! I know you will keep creating great content for the world and I look forward to any future endeavor you choose, I know this is not the end of our good times!! But for now, an abundant thank you to you, Buzz, and the rest of the gang!!! But for now I will just say, ca-lick!

  15. If Movie Phone loves radio so much tell him to cough up some dough and do everything yourselves, hell I’d pitch in too. #quackles

  16. See, this is what happens when you move to the ‘burbs! Get a solid online streaming deal and keep those podcasts coming. I’m a long time listener, now via podcast in Auckland, New Zealand.

  17. What the hell. I have listened since day 1. You need to get somewhere where you can grow some roots. Don’t they look at ratings? Keep us posted.

  18. Johnny…. “Monkey push a button, and play another song, cuz talent on the radio just doesn’t belong. Enjoy this crap while you can, cuz it won’t last long”
    I hope they pay you lots of money, and throw you out the door…..again.
    I love you JB!!!!!

  19. Sorry to hear this, but if it’s best for you, then so be it! I look forward to the next chapter… you’ve been a constant in my entire adult life!

  20. JOHNNY,
    When are these corporate morons gonna figure what great talk radio is all about. HAVIN’ FUN!!! It’s not jamming opinions down people’s throats, it’s about getting the whole story and hearing opinions. They don’t advertise the show and wonder what the problem is. Idiots-all of them. Long time listener of you and buzz and the whole staff will be missed. You have my email so let everyone know when you’re gonna be back on the air.

    Much love JB

  21. Have loved and listened to the show since the 80’s on the Loop. Wish I still had one of those t -shirts. Your show has cracked me up for years and I was so glad to find you on the podcast, I hope you can continue somewhere somehow. I can’t imagine why they would not keep this show going, I know you have many, many fans. One of my favs on the radio was the contest to get your grandma to ask if you are choking, hilarious! And of course pickup lines.

  22. Crap! Please don’t stop the podcasts!! It’s
    The ONLY thing that gets
    Me to work and back! I can’t go back to crappy radio and hearing
    The same shitty songs at exactly the same time every day! I have been a Johnny B fan for ever and always will be. Just let me know where and when. Hi Buzz!!

  23. OMG! You are by far the best thing on the air along with Buzz and Hector too! (so they don’t get their feelings hurt). I will follow you wherever you end up. Have been a huge fan for soooo long. Love getting that podcast email every day. Love you Johnny B! You are so freakin’ funny!!

  24. This is BS. Johnny you and the Boys make it bearable to be at work……You can’t leave me again! Been a follower since 1981 and love hearing your crazy antics! Please find somewhere to go so we can still hear you! And if it’s about the drive, do your thing from home!!! LOL…. Love you Johnny B!

  25. Listening to you since early 80’s. now I listen to the podcast. I would pay to listen to you, not a lot, but still. I hope you find another home on the dial, or internet. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  26. Looky here now Johnnay. You’ve been around long enough to control your own board, your own format, and your own boner in a manner that you see fit. Long Live Brandmeier!

  27. I’m hoping this is a good thing. The way the show is now….well, it’s not the Johnny B and Buzz I know. Hell, it’s even worse than WGN was. Too much news and commercials and not enough Showgram. You need to find an FM outlet in Chicago somewhere that lets you guys be yourselves. Any 6 to 10 am slot would do….so GET ON IT, JB!!!

  28. Well that sucks! I love your show and have been listening since 85! I listen to your podcasts on my way to work thanks for making me laugh on my commute! Please don’t make us wait too long!! I hope Buzz stays with you too. Show Angelo all of these comments, everyone knows where you are! ?

  29. I still have your first tape.. Moo Moo I love you!! You pranked one of my mom’s friend on her wedding day which I still remember like yesterday…. wishing you well in your future adventures!

  30. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know you’ll continue you’re awesome work in another way. Right on, Buzz. (I hope you continue with Buzz, wherever you may go.)

  31. We will hunt you down (just give us some hints)!!! You’re the cream to my coffee, the sugar to my donut, the laugh to my smile! Keep in touch, someway, come the new year! All the best to you & your crew!

  32. Holy crap! We used to listen to,you way back! In Phoenix, we were loons. Just find you and now your leaving? Shitski!
    Good luck hope Wefind you again soon.

  33. I been listening to you since I was in hiGhana school. Chicago loves you here. I’mean 54 and lovery listen to you on the podcast that gets send to me through e-mail! I work at 9 so it’should great. You ,buzz,and Hector are awesome. Hope you stay in Chicago! Yeah baby!

    1. Johnny B. Love listening to you in Chicago! I get the podcast to my email. Hope your going to be on a Chicago radio station again soon. Love Buzz and Hector. My last comment was messed up.

  34. Johnny, you are the best and always will be. Been listening since the early 80s. I know there is a format out there for you. Please keep your loyal listeners posted. Right on Buzz..

  35. That’s such bull shit!!! I hope you still do a podcast like Kevin Matthews on the Steve Dahl network. I love you JB. If I win the lottery I’m buying a radio station????

  36. Johnny, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue doing your podcast!! I know I for one would definitely pay for a subscription to a podcast for you. I need some laughter in my day and listening to you, Buzz, Hector, Gino and The Movie Man (when he feels like putting pants on and calling you, that is) definitely makes my day brighter!

  37. Johnny what I’m doing to do now to get through the work day .My son down loads the podcast on my I pod a week’s worth and I’m in heaven the day fly’s by . Can’t you work from home? I need my fix of Johnny B and the rest of you guys it’s not fair.Loved all your stories about your family and friends.Hope you guys are not gone for long. This makes me sick . Love you Johnny and your crew .Thank god I have your pod cast . What the heck. Please come back on the air we can’t loose you guys!!! Well keep listening til the end.Love you guys!!! From Wisconsin Peace Out! :(.

  38. NO, This can’t B! Johnny you are the only one to listen to on radio! You have to find a way to stay on, too young to retire! Damn, I just can’t believe this, from the Loop, to unemployed mo-fo, to GN, GN-FM, then the ‘LS and syndication thing, how much can us fans take???

    Seriously, you are the best interviewer around and we live the show, don’t ever stop! All the best to Buzz, Hector and all the gang! I will listen even when you are on in Pahrump, Nevada with Art Bell!

    Is this because of your new longer commute?

  39. I just started listening to you for the first time last year. I’ve never listened to a radio show that actually entertains in all of my 70 years. I too would gladly pay to get your podcasts. The radio marketers obviously are not clued in to what sells. Go JB.

  40. Welcome to the world of Podcasting and Netcasting. Fuck those radioheads at Westwood One. All they believe is having some computer recycle crap songs over and over. Good luck in your future endevors Johnny B!

  41. I’m so sad to hear this, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Not because this is warranted, but because it’s happened so many times in the past, it always feels like it’s just a matter of time, unfortunately. At least this time I have warning, instead of turning on the radio expecting to hear you and instead having to listen to the guy who’s failing miserably to fill your shoes.

    I’ve been a fan and a listener since the late 80s. I’ve always said that whenever I listen to your show, I’m guaranteed a laugh. I can’t say that about too many things anymore. I hope this is just so long, not goodbye, and that you’ll be back in the air very soon.

  42. Bummer, bro. Can you reincarnate with a full 2 hour show starting Eddie Abler? Been with you for decades and won’t leave you now. Right on, Buzz.

  43. Say it ain’t so, Johnny B. Keep us posted, and don’t let Buzz, Hector, Gino and The Movie Man go anywhere. Murica needs you. Larry W or Jimmy D’C must have a spot for you.

  44. This is SO wrong! Hope you keep going online Johnny so I can keep listening here in England! I always had a great time whenever you had me on the JB show. You are the best, a true inspiration! I know this is not the end of the story just the end of another chapter. – Graham Mack

  45. Any chance that you guys can find a home on satellite? Brandmeier uncensored would be awesome. Plus there is so much crap on the airwaves already!

  46. Johnny, sad to hear.been listening to you for a long’re a big reason I was able to make the move from the south side of Chicago to LaPorte Indiana .I’d be able to listen to the podcast everyday for the one-hour commute. I hope you find another way.a bunch of other friends would be more than willing to pay just to be able to have the pleasure of listening to you and your crew. Your show rocks! need to keep Buzz & whole crew . God bless!

  47. NO Johnny!!!! I listen to your show via podcast everyday. You definitely Make Radio Fun!! People think I’m crazy because I walk down the aisle in stores listening to your show laughing out loud. Thanks for all the laughs!! I hope you & Buzz find another station & continue broadcasting. Or you can record your podcast from your suburban basement. Good luck Johnny & Buzz!!! Thanks for all the joy over the years!!

  48. I am just glad we got some lead time this time. Radio is far to volatile for your level of talent. I hope someone gives you a long time home. But if you take that risk with full time podcasts, I would pay a subscription gladly as long as you are on more than Stern. Speaking of that, Buzz, Hector, and Gino make everything click perfectly. Please honor us by staying with them. Think of Howard without Robin and Fred. The show would suffer. I have been with you forever and I will continue to do so wherever you go. Hopefully we have a few good months til the transition. Honestly, there was nothing they would let you do to get unhinged. You will though. This is a good thing. Take care, JB! And don’t go all black ops when anything happens to you guys. Keep us updated!!!! Listen to your father-in-law! Haha!

  49. Noooooo….ive been listening to you since the 80’s. And now that you were available via podcasts, i listen to you every nite before i go to bed, when i get up in the middle of the nite becsuse i cant slerp and in the mornings before work. We love you Johnny, Buzz and even Hector. I have even shared your stories about your Mom and in-laws with my mom as we deal with Grandmas dementia and nursing home stays. Oh, i wish i could remember those funny names you have for the homes. Please, come back you guys!!!!!!! Life will be unbearable without you guys!

  50. JB,
    Been listening to you and Buz since 1984, and I’ll follow you guys even if you go to Sirius XM of pay to listen podcast. Eat me JB!!

  51. My husband introduced you to our 11 year old son and the minute he gets in the car he asks, “Can we listen to Johnny?” He cracks up and belly laughs the whole ride. Also, my husband and I got engaged on your show in the studio January 1997. Can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years. You’ve got to stick around.

  52. Please keep everyone that signed up for your podcast in the know on you’re future whereabouts. I need my JB, Buzzy, ‘Ector and Gino fix!

  53. NO (in Hector’s voice!)

    I can’t believe this! I work from home and look forward to your show daily although the “bits of Brandmeier” is getting old lately since I’ve heard it all before. Please find a way for all of you to get back on the air and/or ‘net. Like others, I would be willing to pay for a podcast. You have my email now, please keep me informed.

    Right on Buzz!

  54. By the time the plug is pulled, President DJT will be in office, he will make radio great again and YOU will lead the march, best of luck brother!

  55. Oh no!!! I’ve been chasing you all over the radio dial and internet since the early 1980’s, and now I have to chase you again! Be sure and leave a trail of bits of information for me to follow…..

  56. Johnny, these corporate bozos don’t know great radio when they hear it. You got to keep the show going somewhere. Podcast is fine. Just let us all know when you get things going again. Naturally we want Buzz, Hector, and Gino as well. I’ve listened to you for years and years. No one better than you. Been listening to you since the loop days.

  57. Johnny so sad to hear this but not surprised. We’re not hear for a long time just a good time. Grew up listening to you in the 80s and love you and Buzz. I will follow you wherever you end up!!

  58. My heart sunk when I heard the devastating news. Long time listener and hope to continue listening. I would be more than happy to pay for your podcast. Anything just to be able to hear you, Buzz and Hector. I could be having a shit day and all of you turn my frown upside down. I listen every day. Please come back soon.

  59. This really sucks! Who is going to commute with me everyday? You know how it feels now, having to drive an hour or more each day and stuck in traffic. I need you JB, Buzz & Hector. You guys make me laugh everyday! I never miss a day of your show. Maybe you should have Angelo be your promoter to get you going on your next adventure. Please come back soon!

  60. and yet, that blubbering pansy, Mancow, remains on the air with his horrible show. there’s no justice in this world. best of luck, and hope you and Buzz find a way to keep entertaining us.

  61. Started listening at 16. I’m 45 now. And, I still love the show. I’ll listen no matter where you go. God Bless Johnny B. Eat Me, Buzz!

  62. WTF!!! Seriously??? I am so sick of this!! Now what the hell am I going to listen to? Once you’ve had Johnny B. you can’t go back. WTF!!! Johnny, you don’t need radio, just do a podcast. I will sell commercial airtime for you! Email me!!

  63. I love you. Plain and simple. I have always loved you and I will continue to love you but will miss you so much. You are the only thing that gets me thru the work day. You make me laugh and your laugh makes me laugh even more. I adore Buzz and Hector (NO!) and even Gino. I hate this so much that it actually teared me up. Why do we keep losing you? I hope you come back to us somehow. Murica needs you, I need you….badly. xoxoxoxox.

  64. JB, I’ve been listening to you ever since I heard Patti Haze introduce you on the Loop as the “new guy”. I’ve moved several times throughout the country and thankfully had been able to find you thanks to the internet. I know the Radio business is bizarre to most of us but keep doing what your doing and your loyal listeners will always be there for you. Your the best!

  65. G’DAMIT! I am so PO’ed!! But we’ll follow you both wherever you land. Keep us posted. We love you and Buzz. And Hector. But not Gino. 🙂

  66. This blows!!! JB, Buzz, and the Mexican need to
    Get your own podcast!!! I will gladly pay to hear your nonsense daily! Be your own boss, I am sure lots of us will cough up some dough to keep your antics going?!? What do you say?????? Keep us posted. Where else are we gonna hear Angelo call you a name
    And throw coffee cups
    At you!?

    1. And remember…. as Trump said, whoever set up this mic is not getting paid… this mic keeps popping. (Your mic going to intercomm constantly) too damn 😂


  68. I’ve been listening for 30 years wherever I can find you and Buzz! Keep broadcasting somewhere please and I will spread the word.

  69. One Man’s whore, is another Man’s good time!! It’s the phrase that pays. Per Buzz back around 1992. I’ll never forget it. I spit out my coffee laughing. The good old days. You guys are the best. Hope the podcast lives on!!

  70. Will miss your show. My favorite was your coverage of “the goat boys” several years ago. Laughed all the way to work those mornings! Was thrilled to find your show after we moved to Florida. Hope you end up national again!

  71. Don’t make me go POSTAL!
    The show is the only thing that’s stopping me from losing my mind on the route every day you have to do a podcast please

  72. I will follow wherever you go. I love your style – I get some local flavor and news along with a dose of good humor – I adore your show- and Buzz is excellent with you! I look forward to hearing VERY good news from you (and Buzz!).

  73. GFD Johnny, you better find another venue! you will be missed if you don’t.
    Please keep us all posted and make sure Buzz comes with! You guys are absolute BEST!!!!

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